Amiga DevCon 2016

blog_devAmiWest 2016 (October 7 to 9) is fast approaching and so is Amiga DevCon 2016 (October 6 and 7). The location is Sacramento, California, USA. Please note, as always, the DevCon is a 100% volunteer effort as is the AmiWest show itself.

Some information about the DevCon from the AmigaOS Documentation Wiki:

  • The anatomy of an Amiga disk device driver. We will be dissecting the p5020sata.device which is a SATA device driver used in the upcoming AmigaOne X5000. This isn’t just any custom made driver. It is melding between Linux libata and the traditional AmigaOS trackdisk device drivers.
  • Hans de Ruiter will be presenting his tutorials on Warp3D Nova. For anyone that wants to program for Warp3D Nova be sure to obtain/borrow/steal a card for the DevCon. See theĀ Warp3D Nova press release for assistance on choosing a card.
  • Personal Projects. You are encouraged to bring your own personal projects to the DevCon where we, as a group, may be able to help you out.

See you there!

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