AmigaOS Support Forum Launched

I am happy to announce that Hyperion Entertainment has launched a new AmigaOS support!

This forum is designed to centralize communications between AmigaOS customers and the AmigaOS software development team. Think you found a bug? Then post a message in the support forum. If an AmigaOS beta tester is able to reproduce the bug then they will take it from there. AmigaOS core developers are also encouraged to participate in the forums and can answer questions directly as well.

Additional support forums are available for Hyperion’s game products such as Freespace and Shogo.

AmigaOS developers have not been left out. There is a support forum for you as well. Found a bug in the SDK? Then just post a message and get it fixed.

Everyone will be allowed to read the web forums but only registered product customers will be allowed to post. To become a registered user, just register your product with Hyperion at their main web site using your product serial number. Remember to register all your Hyperion products for full access.

To summarize:
1. Register your product serial numbers at the main Hyperion Entertainment web site.
2. Create an account on the new Hyperion Entertainment Message Boards.

Steven Solie
AmigaOS Development Team Lead