Quick video of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic in action

Hi everyone!  I made a quick video of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic (beta) in action and wanted to post it here.  Some of you have asked to see it actually running, so this gives you a little bit of an idea of the performance on an Amiga 4000 with Cyberstorm PPC and the Radeon 9250.

This is running on a different machine…not the same one as the screenshots were taken on, so it may look a bit different than the screenshots I posted earlier.  I have a SWAP partition on the cybppc.device so you will see that there is extra memory shown in the Workbench title bar.  (The displaying of swap memory in the Workbench title bar is a developer option and may be removed from the final version.)

I had to upload it to Youtube since the video was too big to post directly here.  Link is below, enjoy!

Quick video of AmigaOS 4.1 Classic

Darren Eveland
AmigaOS 4.x Beta Tester


  1. Very, very nice!

    Thank-you for taking the time to show this to us!

  2. Impressive.. Impressive indeed!
    Is it not possible to have drag & resize with fully “working” windows?
    I mean the 3D anims stop while doing a resize or drag. The same with GUI refresh.
    Is this a Classic limitation or what?

  3. Hello,

    can you please test our two games? They uses the compositing engine of Os 4.1 and we want to see how it works.


    Here are Trial Versions from Dodge These Balls and Bubbelshe Deluxe. On Dodge These Balls there are a Config to set Screenmode, Windowmode etc. for speed improvements. On Dodge These Balls there is on top a little Pallette Icon, if you click it, no background is rendered in game. It is nessecary for low video ram (Micro A1…)

    Hope it works, thanks for a short reply (or a new video 😉 )


  4. It doesn’t really stop, just slows down quite a bit. It’s hard to see on the video. You can enable the re-size (and show contents) but I don’t think I had it enabled in my GUI prefs.

    There is no limitation just because it’s on an Amiga 4000 other than the fact it’s obviously a slower system than an AmigaONE XE or even SAM.

    But I think the video shows performance is pretty good, relatively speaking.

  5. Looking super-snazzy! I really like the opaque windows, by the way!

  6. really nice thanks!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Thomas, sure I can test them. I’m at work now but may have some time tonight 🙂 Check back here later 🙂

    Low video memory shouldn’t be a problem on the Classic if a user has a Radeon graphics card. If they use a Radeon 9200 or 9250 they will have at least 128MB of video memory available 🙂

  8. Antonis Iliakis

    Thanks Darren for the video (this time).

    AmigaOS 4.1 runs very well in your system setup, also the transparency is going excellent. OWB, on the other hand, is acceptable (means that’s not bad).

    Waiting for the next video with the two AmiBoing’s games. They are specifically written under AmigaOS, so the speed will be very good I pressume. If yes, then we have a winner here.

  9. Hi Thomas, please contact me privately – I did some testing for you.


  10. Hi Darren,

    which is your email? You can also contact me directli to mail@amiboing.de.

    Thanks 😉

  11. Hello.

    Impressive video!!! Thank you for this one.
    I’d like to ask how’s with the music replaying abilities under AmigaOS4.1 on Amiga 4000. How is it working on Paula built-in Amiga chip and sound card? Is TuneNet working (which requires AmigaOS4.1)?

  12. Will there be SCSI for the BlizzardPPC too ??

    Greets from Germany

  13. Hans-Jörg Frieden

    No, there is not going to be Blizzard SCSI support.

  14. Paula works and is the default sound configuration. TuneNet works as well. (The current version of TuneNet is included as part of the Extras Installer). You can download it also from OS4Depot.

  15. According to your video – it looks very very smooth on old systems! Excellent work, congratulations!
    Btw, is it possible to turn on dropshadows on windows on OS4.1 for classics? If yes, can you test the system & put on Youtube?

  16. Is there any Deneb ZorroIII support as well?

  17. I turned on drop shadows, both on the Workbench Title Bar and Windows. Tiny hit on performance, but still totally useable 🙂 Not sure I’ll have time to make another video now….but wanted to wish you and everyone else a Happy Holiday Season! 🙂

    Thank you for all your support and I hope all of you like AmigaOS 4.1 for Classics when it comes out soon from AmigaKit!

  18. Eagerly waiting!!! This one seems interesting!!!

  19. Love it! Can’t wait to finally use it!!!! I have been waiting for ages for this update. And thanks alot for supporting ZorRam and Radeon and PCI Sata Cards! Absolutely great!!

    Just waiting for release now 🙂 Oh and by the way, 4.0 Classic was also great!

  20. Hi Fed, the Deneb card works as it did in OS 4.0. It would be nice for native support for the Deneb and Poseidon but so far it hasn’t been done by the creators of Deneb and Poseidon. Hopefully they will compile an OS 4.x native version. I would certainly be willing to help out with any testing that is required if they decided to do this. 🙂

  21. It seems like it should be good news to have AmigaOS 4.1 for Classic Amigas being developed, and I would like that to be the case.

    However, I am more than just a little concerned that most of the updates, seem to relate to PCI GFX cards, which can only be fitted in a Mediator or Prometheus add-on board, and Zorro 3 equipped Classic Amigas. This seems to immediately by-pass the A1200 which does not have the Zorro 3 capability in the first place, and I see no mention of intentions to update drivers/support for the other PCI slots in a Mediator or Prometheus to be used. So will the extra 3 to 5 PCI slots in the Mediator or Prometheus be supported with drivers under OS4.1 to allow for use of a PCI soundcard, PCI NIC, PCI USB, PCI SCSI, or any other additional cards, such as SATA cards, that can be plugged in to those PCI slots, or are they not going to be supported, which is basically the situation since the release of OS4.0 Classic?

    If only one PCI slot in a Mediator, that can have up to 6 PCI slots, is going to be functional I do not see what major interest that will be generated by releasing OS4.1 Classic as it would be poor value-for-money or support offered for a newly developed Amiga OS, in fact a backwards step, considering the functionality under Amiga OS3.9

    I take no pleasure in keep having to ask this for this information, but it seems I must, as no information is forthcoming from yourselves, and you don’t like e-mails from me.

    I cannot understand you exerting all the effort on OS4.1 for the Classic hardware if you do not support the obvious advantages of PCI boards, and the enhancement of their functionailty and diversity of operation they offer over the original/limited/out-dated Amiga Classic hardware soldered to the mainboard.

    The older, comparatively slow, Amiga developed PPC accelerators are very hard to come by, and I am surprised that someone has not stated they would develop/release such a board if OS4.1 is being developed for the older Classic Amiga hardware, or is this kind of hardware already underway to support the advantages of OS4.1 Classic?

    Will the SATA HDD memory paging allow the additional PCI cards to be utilised via this form of memory system as the DMA in the original PPC hardware is supposed to be unsupported and was the cause of additional PCI cards being unusable, or has that hurdle now been overcome?

    Will there be any PCI soundcard support for OS4.1 Classic?

    Will the SATA cards have to be a specific chipset?
    How many SATA devices will be supported?
    I see some cards with 4 ports, so will cards with 4 ports be supported?
    Can multiple SATA cards can be used in additional spare PCI slots?

    So there is no Blizzard SCSI support for OS4.1 Classic I see, but why do my comments keep being deleted, don’t you like constructive criticism as well as praise?

    Are ELBOX involved together with Hyperion in developing their Mediator boards to take up the advantages of OS4.1 Classic?

  22. Oops, I seem to have duplicated my questions, as I have already had a reply from Thomas Frieden to this topic in the main OS4.1 Classic – ‘AmigaOS 4.x Classic’ blog area. This set of questions can be deleted if need be, as virtually all the questions have already been asked/most answered by Thomas Frieden already, sorry for the duplication.

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