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Delock PCI Express Sound Card supported

blog_miscAndreas Goiczyk has reported that the Delock PCI Express Sound Card 7.1 works well with the newly updated Envy24HT audio driver.

Thank you Andreas for letting us know!

If you discover a sound card not listed is supported by an AmigaOS audio driver, please use the contact form on the AmigaOS web site to let us know.

More Noise from ACube

blog_softwareThe VIA Envy24HT audio driver has been updated and now supports the VT1618 Codec. That means you can now use inexpensive PCIe audio cards such as the Syba SD-PEX63034 in your AmigaOne 500 and AmigaOne X1000 systems.

Here is a list of audio cards that are known to work with the Envy24HT audio driver:

  • Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky
  • Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space
  • Terratec Phase22
  • Terratec Phase28
  • M-Audio Revolution 5.1
  • M-Audio Revolution 7.1
  • ESI Juli@
  • ESI Juli@ XTe
  • Speed Dragon EAU01A-1
  • Syba SD-PEX63034

If you happen to have audio card not on this list which also works with this driver please notify us via the AmigaOS contact form.

Special thanks to ACube Systems for helping to improve the Envy24HT driver.

The updated driver is being delivered to registered AmigaOS users using AmiUpdate. If you have any support issues with the driver please use the AmigaOS support forum for assistance.