About this Blog

Welcome to the new Hyperion Entertainment Developer Blog.

On these pages, we intend to inform you in irregular intervals about new developments on AmigaOS 4.x, what is going on and what is being worked on right now. To begin with, we’ll have some news and a sneak peek at the Classic version of AmigaOS 4.1 that is going to be released soon.

To make full use of this, you need a CSS-Capable browser. Users of AmigaOS 4.x can use either OWB or the Timberwolf Alpha release. Older browser like IBrowse will very likely not display most of the content correctly.

There is more to come; watch this space.


  1. This is a brilliant and welcome move by your good selves!

    The closest thing I get to an Amiga these days, is WinUAE. I look forward to the release of the x1000 and hopefully before long I’ll have enough pennies to become a proper Amigan one day soon.

    I watched the AmiWest 2010 video with Hyperion and was most impressed with your ambitious plans.

    Thank-you for all your work on OS4. Keeping us all in the loop builds massive good-will. Once again, this is a great move! Long live Amiga – It’s not over yet!

  2. One step on the net, one giant leap for OS4 community!

    Thank you for this official blog. It’s a perfect way to inform users about OS4.x progress .

  3. Antonis Iliakis

    That’s awesome news. Now we have the opportunity to see the news by first hand, thanks to you!

    Great move, waiting to hear that X1000 will be available soon to try it out; seems an extra-ordinary and mysterious project, which I’m sure it holds a lot of secrets inside.

    Keep up the good work you’re doing with our lovely Amiga, and as the friend above mentioned (John); it’s not over yet!

  4. Yahoo….Amigans world wide really needed this ! Thanks

  5. Thank you!

  6. Hello,

    great idea to have a developement blog.
    As i’m eager to know about graphics developements, please, fill up with news about Gallium 3D port.
    First question, is gallium 3D driver including Gart driver?

    Thank you

  7. Its great to see a development blog. Will check in from time to time and see whats cooking 🙂 Thanks and hi.

  8. Fantastic! This was a very wise move I think. Now Amigans will not feel left in the dark so much. Thanks to Frieden/Hyperion and Long Live Amiga!

  9. Great! Finally some light has come! 🙂

  10. I second the motion for more info on graphics stuff! 🙂

  11. This is what we need! Thanx! Hoping for frequent updates / new logs!

  12. Thanks for this, it’s something I’ve been silently hoping for! 😀

  13. gregthecanuck

    There should be a link to this blog from the main Hyperion web site.